Queue Organiser

Product Description


All of us have been faced with queues and know how frustrating it can be, the feeling of wasting time and not having anything to do! On the other hand, there is also the feeling that our queue is always the one that takes the longest, which increases our irritation. Sometimes there is someone who jumps the queue to ask for information. All this tension also reflects on the staff, which ultimately decreases productivity.

A simple solution is our queue management system which can also help increase your sales through the placement of information leaflet displays along your queue line. See our selection of display stands as an optional add on to the Queue management system.

Affordable strong durable queue organising system.

Rope comes in red,burgandy,blue, or black.

Rope lengths 1000mm and 1500mm

Pole and base available in smooth black or grey powdercoated finish.

Base 300mm diameter, pole 1000mm high.