Living with Separation & Divorce Book

This Book is a guide to help you and your partner through the journey of separation.
It will NOT tell you what to do.
It will NOT make judgments about how you have lived your life.
It will NOT give you legal or financial advice.
It will simply give you a path whereby you can work out a way forward.

When an individual or couple have decided that they cannot continue in the relationship, the inevitability of separation brings with it a number of choices that both people will have to live with for the rest of their lives. We wrote this book to show couples that they can choose how to manage their separation.
- Fiona McAuslan and Peter Nicholson

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Product Description

It is widely recognised that separation is one of the most stressful personal experiences anyone can ever go through. The feelings you are having, as part of this experience, are real and normal. As human beings we feel vulnerable, fearful, confused and angry when crisis events like this happen to us. Many health professionals have worked over the years to understand how we respond to such crises and what we can do to help ourselves come through them.